“Are newborn props included?”
Yes! We provide everything needed for your portrait session, and most everything you see in our portfolio is available for use.

“Will you come to our home for our newborn session?”
Yes, we can come to your  home for a newborn session, however,  we prefer clients come to our studio for newborn sessions due to the amount of equipment and props we have at our studio and most clients prefer this since there is no need to clean your home in preparation!

“How far in advance should we book our sessions?”
The sooner the better! While we rarely have to turn clients away, it has happened, especially during our busy months (October-December). If you are booking maternity it is best to schedule before you are 22 weeks, and if you are booking just newborn it is best to schedule before 32 weeks. You never know if baby may decide to come early! To reserve your session, only the deposit needs to be paid in advance.

How long is the session and how many images will we see?”
Most sessions (maternity, family, baby milestones) last 1-2 hours and result in about 60-80 images to choose from, and newborn sessions last 1-2 hours and result in about 60-80 images to choose from.

“How long will it take to see our gallery after the session? To receive our package after payment?
You will have the opportunity to view your portraits immediately after the session, and make your selections at that time.  Payment is due at that time.  Within 24 hours of your session, we will upload your proofing gallery of all of the un-edited images from your session.  After payment, we will retouch your chosen images and have your completed gallery back to you within 14 days.

“How would you describe your style?”
My style is fun, colorful, modern, but also timeless. While I love an occasional bold black & white, 99% of my pictures will be full of rich colors. My photos are highly posed, and are lighted and angled just right. I give a lot of direction, which most clients find helpful since they often feel awkward in front of the camera. My editing techniques are bright and clean. I provide light skin softening and provide slimming when requested (I know how much pregnancy can bloat your body out of it’s natural shape!).

“Why is custom photography so expensive?”
Custom photography is expensive, and that’s why it’s considered more of an investment. We are not just taking everyday snapshots, we are capturing those once in a lifetime events in a way that cannot be replicated by an amateur. Photographers are not charging to get rich – the truth is, running a photography business is expensive and most photographers get to keep only a portion of what you pay them. While trying not to get too detailed, our annual expenses include cameras (primary and backup), lenses, lighting, computers, editing equipment, websites, licenses, classes, equipment insurance, and liability insurance. Due to the amount of use, we have to replace our cameras and computers every 1-2 years. Not to mention that we pay our own taxes, holidays, and health insurance. Around 1/3 of what we receive goes straight to taxes and half of what’s left goes to overhead costs, which is $10,000-$30,000 per year. There is also the personalized aspect. Because we spend so much time with each client individually, we can only accept around 8-12 clients a month rather than chains or department stores that photograph more than that in one day.