“Awesome photo experience! I booked the “Cookies with Santa” photo shoot and my daughter absolutely adored it!!! The interaction with Santa was PRICELESS and the photos were INCREDIBLE!! I am a Veteran Navy Photographer, so I am VERY particular about photographs, but photographer did an AMAZING job!!

If you are hesitant about spending the money, don’t be. This will be an investment that you will be happy you made for the rest of your life. Photos of your children are memories that will cherish forever…”

– Alisha Reyes • Riverview

“When I first received the offer for the baby plan in the mail, I was very skeptical.  I thought it was just like the promotions that I had been receiving from the chain stores.  I went to Strasburg Childrens store to see for myself the kind of work that Full Access Photography offers.  I couldn’t believe what awesome photos they have on display.  I thought to myself that they couldn’t possibly only charge $49 for their time and talent.  Nicholas and I went to Full Access Photography when he was 3 months old.  I was told by my husband not to buy anything because that is how they ‘‘get you”.

Well, we weren’t even at the buying stage yet and Liz & Neal were unbelievably kind to us.  They had diaper wipes, a changing table, even diapers for us!  My mom was with me to help pick the pictures and They never once told us that we should buy this or that.

I just wanted people to know that if they are looking for a bargain, the chains aren’t it.  You won’t be satisfied and the work just isn’t quality.  I look at the beautiful, tear-provoking pictures that they have created and I just know that God sent that mailing to us so I could get these wonderful photos of my first-born son.  Thank you Liz and Neal, from the bottom of my heart, for all that you have done and will continue to do for us in the future.”

–  Angela Woolen • Tampa

“I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the incredible photographs you have taken of my daughter. I don’t think that I can truly put into words the emotions I felt when I viewed them for the first time today. You came company came highly recommended and knew that you took beautiful, creative, artistic pictures.

What I did not know was that you would be able to actually capture Trinity’s beauty and personality.  I would not have believed it possible that anyone could take a photograph that truly demonstrates what I see when I look at my daughter yet you have done just that. I cannot thank you enough for the time you spent with me prior to, during and after the session.  The informational package was informative and helpful and offered us the chance to put thought into the way we wanted to present ourselves. I would also like to thank your son for all of the assistance he offered while we viewed the projections. He was able to point out qualities in the different photographs that I might have missed otherwise and was generous with his time in answering my questions and explaining each component of the different packages.

I look forward to working with you again next month and I would highly recommend you to anyone seeking true portraits of themselves or their families. I cannot wait to display your wonderful photographs in my home and to present them to our friends and families. I know that they will be as awestruck by them as I am. Thank you!”

– Kerry T. Schmitz • Tampa